11 Countries that Consume the Most Bottled Water

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The bottled water business is the strongest in these 11 countries that consume the most bottled water. Since we’ve learned how to clean and purify water, people have also taken the opportunity to make it a business. Bottled water provides many with the opportunity of cleaner and safer drinking water. It is both accessible and easy to carry around. Bottled water has provided us a lot of positive things. Sicknesses caused by bad water lessened. Even for some countries it has been a necessity to have bottled water due to the lack of clean sources nearby.

You might even say that the higher food consumption increased the consumption of bottled water, or vice versa. Even the 11 Countries that Consume the Most Chocolate in the World can be well known for their water drinking habits. In recent years certain trends have also come up in terms of water products. We’re not only limited to simple drinking water now. There are different kinds like sparkling, alkaline, spring, purified, and a few more.

Vessels for transporting water were very popular during ancient times, but it became even more so with the invention of bottled water in the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, the United Kingdom is not included in this list of high consumption. What countries are included in this list? Let’s go ahead and check the first one:

11. Lebanon

Due to the advantageous location of Lebanon, it is one of the largest producers and consumers of bottled water in the entire world. Lebanon has areas where heavy rainfall falls often. They also have a lot of springs and mountainous areas. These are good locations to draw and create bottled water from.


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