The 11 Most Respected Companies in the World

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The admiration for these companies is huge as we cover this list of the 11 most respected companies in the world. Being a large and well-known company, it is not easy to gain admiration and respect. Very often, people and competitors try to find ways to pull the reputation of another company down. When you own a strong company people will start to notice every detail and every aspect of its organization. From the leaders, the lower hierarchy, quality, production, control, and company ethics. You name it, and they’ve evaluated it. So to be included in this list is truly something else.

That’s not to say that there is an opposite end of the spectrum. As long as there are respected companies, there will always be hated companies too. Like this list of the 16 Most Hated Companies in America. The respected companies in the world do a lot of things that most companies miss or fail to do which sets them apart. What companies do you think are included in the list?

A lot of the companies included in this list have two things in common. They have a good reputation and good financial standing. Merits from other companies, lists and surveys have also affected their placing. There are also some companies which have fallen out of the list due to scandals and issues. Let’s check the first company:

11. Johnson and Johnson

The company responsible for a lot of popular health care products today. Respect and popularity increased in the last few years with recent public demonstrations of the company’s good will. They’ve recently helped with health research during partnerships with research companies and universities. They’ve also been helping in funding and production of a vaccine for Ebola.


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