The 11 Countries with Most Earthquakes

Let’s shake it up with a list of the 11 countries with most earthquakes. Earthquakes have been one of the most devastating natural disasters humans have experienced. A slight movement of the earth’s crust can violently recreate the land that we know, creating new formations, destroying old ones, and even dragging a few into the depth of oceans. We’ve witnessed some major cataclysms caused by very strong earthquakes, cities razed and people dead, tsunamis from strong earthquakes originating from the middle of the ocean. Earthquakes have been known to create one of the highest death tolls to our global population. Even with advancements in trying to make our structures more resilient to the movement of the plates, we are still subject to the power of the land we live in.

In answering the question of countries with the most earthquakes we have to consider a number of factors, from how many they experience and how strong each earthquake is, we’ll also look at the location and the frequency both recently and historically. If you’re trying to research more on dangers in the world, check out this informative list of The 9 Most Dangerous Countries for Tourists to Visit.

Do you happen to live in a country that experiences this kind of power and shaking frequently? What other countries do you feel are included in this list? There have been a few global disasters attributed to earthquakes in recent years. Let’s see which makes this list: