10 Countries with the Longest Coastline in the World

If you love beaches, perhaps you’ve wondered about the countries with the longest coastline in the world. As a beach bummer myself, I was curious to know, and was a little surprised with the answers. For some reason, and maybe this is just me, I didn’t think about the countries that aren’t known for their beaches. When I think of coastlines, I think of blue seas, white sand, people in their swimsuits, and colorful beach umbrellas. Of course, when I wash the sand off my brain, I can see that coastlines are much more than just where a beach is, but where a country boarders water. Duh! Silly me. Hopefully I’m not alone on that slightly embarrassing oversight.

So let’s get to the point. Which countries have the longest coastline in the world? Before I tell you, any guesses? I should also preface with the fact Antarctica should be on the list, however since that continent is rarely visited by man and only a handful of people are crazy enough to live there, I’ll leave it to the countries that you may actually find yourself at. All figures are provided by the CIA World Factbook.


10. New Zealand

Although New Zealand might seem small in comparison to other countries, we are talking about islands here, so of course, the entire circumference of the land is surrounded by water. Here you can put these coastlines to use too! There are beaches all around the country and you can find yourself dolphin watching, sailing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, surfing, and pretty much any other water sport imaginable. Put those 15,134 km of coastline to good use!

Ruth Lawton/Shutterstock.com

Ruth Lawton/Shutterstock.com