8 Best Places To Visit in Turkey Before You DIe

Some of the best places to visit in Turkey before you die will blow your mind. It has one of the cultural capitals of the world, some of the most exotic beaches, and historical sights that you would never think to catch a glance at beyond a picture in a book. The magnificent architecture, azure water, and sights and smells of the markets are just the tip of the iceberg. Turkey offers so much, there’s no reason to make it a priority on your list of holiday destinations.

Just like there are the best places to visit in Mexico that are beautiful and safe, Turkey has it as well. There’s generally no worries of safety especially if you stay on the well planned out path for tourists. What path is that? Well, here’s a list of some fabulous places that must be on your itinerary!

8. Antalya

Need some fun in the sun but refuse to give up the mountains too? You don’t have to if you go to Antalya. It’s a spectacular seascape with a dramatic mountain backdrop. The Mediterranean coastline is full of activities for everyone to partake in. Whether it be day time fun like swimming, sailing and beach bumming, or some fantastic fun at the lively bars and restaurants at night, Antalya has it. The green mountains are great for mountain climbing and sightseeing as well.

Mikael Damkier/Shutterstock.com

Mikael Damkier/Shutterstock.com