14 Biggest Cities in the World by Population

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The cities on this list of the 14 biggest cities in the world by population show us just how fast things are developing nowadays. Just like the 20 biggest cities in the United States some of these cities had their very humble beginnings not too long ago in historical terms. Other items on the list are as old as civilization. However, one thing brings them together – they are absolutely packed with the population. All of these places have more residents than many smaller countries and a lot of them have a similar size too.

Overpopulation is a huge problem nowadays. Some cities expand more and more until they reach a point where they can not progress further, but their population continues to grow. This makes it denser than ever which promptly decreases the quality of life in there due to being the perpetuating factor in the rise of many negatives such as crime and poverty. Aside from that, housing becomes more and more expensive and unavailable to everyone to the point where nowadays we can see people living in cage-like apartments in certain parts of the world. You couldn’t possibly like to spend the bigger part of your life in something with the size of a cheap college dorm room, right?

On the other hand, a bigger population means a huge boost for the economy, given that the people residing in this city can afford to live normally. With more people there are more clients for businesses and more tax money which should usually be spent on providing a better life for the growing population. Another positive side is the diversification of businesses and services. While many of them would not have been available without a big enough target demographic, others try to innovate and top the competition which can only benefit the population. What is more, with the flow of people of various cultures into the city, the cultural diversity and availability grows stronger which allows a better immersion for the people who are interested.

Even so, it is safe to say that every coin has two sides. Let’s take a loot at how it played out for these cities.

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