11 Countries with the Best Climate in the World

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Are you living in one of the 11 countries with the best climate in the world right now? If your country is featured in our list, some of us should have a good reason to be jealous. Weather is one of the most important considerations for comfortable living and it does affect us in different ways. Of course, every country has some great qualities, some have a great standard of living while some others like the 20 Countries with the Lowest Cost of Living in the World are excellent for a carefree life. However, the countries with the best climate in the world have a great perk of peaceful and pleasant living without having to battle the adverse weather conditions every day.

Some countries have long and sultry summer months, while some have freezing unforgiving winters that fall nothing short of those described in Game of Thrones. In the peak of seasons it can be even hard to get out of your homes and get yourself to work. Who wouldn’t be dreaming of a paradise with a moderate continental climate, clean blue waters and just the option of having a tropical drink while you relax on the beach. The countries on our list are nothing short of that. How does that make you feel about packing your stuff and moving right away? Well, moving might be a little extreme, but there’s no arguing these countries are some great destinations for your next holiday abroad.


The perfect weather can mean different things to different people; some may prefer the heat while others might love rain, some may dislike humidity but for some it might actually be comforting. However, everybody tends to shy away from extreme conditions. Hence, our list of countries with the best climate in the world includes the ones which have a moderate climate. Of course you can make your picks out of them, we are sure you will find the ones that would suite your tastes perfectly. So let’s begin exploring!

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