11 Biggest Music Festivals in the World

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Festival season is here and doesn’t that have you wondering which the 11 biggest music festivals in the world are? Music lovers throng in millions of numbers to these festivals that are the biggest and craziest on the planet. No matter what kind of music you enjoy there is a festival that is happening for you somewhere in the world.

Gone are the days when people would be only flocking to Woodstock and Summer of Love, now numerous bigger festivals have taken their place and is changing the face of live music and how! Each year the record footfalls just keep increasing. Most of the biggest are still concentrated in the UK, US and Europe though the other parts of the world are soon catching up with their own versions of festivals. For the average youngster today visiting a festival is definitely on their bucket lists. Needless to say the biggest music festivals in the world are featuring some of the biggest acts in the world in their respective genres; from Rihanna to Coldplay everybody has made their appearances here. But they are also providing a platform to some of the most sought after upcoming Indie artists. It’s a great place to discover new music and talent for those who love to explore and experiment.


The energy of these festivals is unimaginable unless you happen to land up for one of them. They typically span over an entire weekend or two weekends in some cases and some even provide you with makeshift accommodation. Camping in the middle of a field, bustling with energy with your favorite bands playing way within your reach that is bound to excite any music lover! Does that make you want to brush up your music knowledge? Check out the list of the 10 Most Popular Songs of All Time that features some of the greatest hits ever.

So would you like to know which festivals to go to for an out of the world music experience? Keep reading!

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