5 Best Places to Visit in Thailand for Kids and Families

We all know planning a family vacation can be difficult, but finding the best places to visit in Thailand for kids and families doesn’t have to be, because we have you covered. People might be daunted with the thought of taking children to an underdeveloped country because they can sometimes be a handful just in your home town! Have no worries though, Thailand is developed enough to make for not only a comfortable vacation but an awesome one at that.

Are you a bit fearful for the safety of you and children? Don’t be! There are plenty of great places to visit in Thailand that are beautiful and safe. Families travel here on the regular and you can too. Which of these family friendly spots are the most intriguing for your bunch?

5. Koh Chang

This blissful island is actually great for backpackers and families alike. It’s a gorgeous island getaway that still has all the comforts you would want but without totally tainting the awesome island vibes. Elephants, snorkeling, beach bumming, waterfalls… There are plenty of things to do while on Koh Chang. There are many nice resorts with pools to stay, and many of the accommodation will come with a complimentary monkey wake up call. Either way, I will assume nature’s monkey or your own little monkey will be waking you up to explore and enjoy the day nice and early!