The 11 Countries with the Most Debt in the World

Hide your wallets and bank accounts as we tackle the 11 countries with the most debt in the world. We’ve commonly heard of broke people and poverty, we’ve heard of companies going down in bankruptcy, we’ve even encountered local governments going bankrupt in debt. However, what if the whole country lacks funding and money? When a country falls short of its needs and the means to fulfill them, countries often go to the World Bank and borrow what they need, with the intention of repaying once their country settles and improves in its economy.

For this list, we’ll solely go through the facts of how much these countries owe the World Bank. You’ll notice that interestingly, most of these countries are actually developed and powerful countries. Power does come at a price, and its maintenance is very high. There are of course different circumstances to each country considering all the global events in recent years. If you’re looking to go on the opposite end of the spectrum, well not exactly as opposite, go ahead and check this list of  The World’s 15 Fastest Growing Economies.

With what has been told to you now, and among what you know, what countries do you think are included in this list? You might be in one of these countries with the most debt right now without even being aware of it. Either way, let’s move to the first of this list.