16 Highest Suicidal States in America in 2018

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In case you are interested in suicidal rates, then you will enjoy our list of 16 highest suicidal states in America in 2018.

Everyone has hard times in their lives, periods when everything is going wrong, and you are totally incapable of changing anything. You are giving your best, but no one values your efforts, and you just go deep and deeper, stuck with different problems. We all have been through this – it is not easy, but it is part of human lives. You need to learn to live with it and find a way to overcome it. But, not every solution is the right one.

Some dark statistics – suicide is the 10th leading cause of that in the US, and more than 40.000 citizens die each year from suicide. However, every problem has a solution, and suicide shouldn’t be considered as one. But still, we hear too often in the news about it. And why do people commit suicide? We visited Quora to find answers based on different opinions.

Highest Suicidal States in America in 2018

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According to this source, people caused their own deaths because of loneliness, having drug addicts in their close family, or because they feel like they don’t fit in the society. We checked another credible source, NHS, that had pretty similar answers. So, relationships, employment, mental health can lead to suicidal thoughts.

How do countries rank in suicidal deaths? In case you are keen on maintaining your positive life, the highest suicidal country shouldn’t bother you, but our suggestion would be to focus more on the 15 Least Suicidal Countries in the World. Unfortunately, there are those countries with the highest suicidal states in the world, as well, where the situation is alarming.

Is depression the leading cause of suicidal death? Well, we didn’t dig for information like that as there are lots of other factors that could be the reason. And what is the state with highest depression rate? Numbers are constantly changing, but Alaska ranks amongst the top of the worst depressed states in 2017. The numbers of suicides are big – 25.9 citizens per 100.000 capita should really concern us. So, should we blame depression or Alaska’s alcoholism rate? We decided not to go that deep and leave that for another research but only focus on the highest suicidal states.

So, what credible source could provide us with the latest information on highest suicidal states in America in 2018? We visited CDC, and fortunately, their health statistics were what we needed. They offer full statistics, with a map of the states as well. Although CDC will release its report for the year 2018 later this year, we still managed to create our list using their information for 2015 and 2016. Plus, we checked the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, for the suicidal rate for each state in 2017. The trend was continued for nearly every state, so we used these sources to predict the highest suicidal states in the US in 2018. Our methodology for this list is next – we took the numbers of suicides per 100.000 people for the last three years and calculated the average value for each state. Finally, we ranked them according to the results.

So, let’s proceed to the full list and show you the highest suicidal states in America in 2018.

16. Missouri

This state has ups and downs through the years, as its suicidal rate was 17.1 in 2015, following 18.4 in 2016 and down to 16.9. With an average of 17.4, it takes the last position on our list, but Missouri needs to improve in future.

Highest Suicidal States in America in 2018

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