8 Most Powerful Nuclear Bombs in the World in 2017

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The next world war may very well be on the horizon, so knowing the 8 most powerful nuclear bombs in the world in 2017 might be helpful to your sustenance.

A nuclear bomb is a nuclear weapon that is an explosive device that derives its damaging force from nuclear reactions and from the mix of fission and fusion reactions. Each bomb unleashes massive quantities of energy from comparatively little amounts of matter. A nuclear device is not larger than normal bombs, but it can devastate a whole town by blast, fire, and radiation. Since they’re weapons of mass destruction, the proliferation of nuclear weapons could be a focus of diplomacy policy. Nuclear weapons have been used twice in war, each time by the USA against Japan at the end of World War II. However, nuclear bombs have been detonated more than 2 thousand times for testing and demonstration since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but only a couple of nations possess such weapons or are suspected of seeking them. The countries that are best known for their detonated nuclear weapons and accept to possessing them are the USA, the Soviet Union (Russia), the U.K., France, China, India, Pakistan, and North Korea. Israel is also believed to possess nuclear weapons. To know more about those countries, you can check our list of the top 21 strongest most powerful military nations in the world in 2017. If you are wondering about the most powerful weapon in the world 2017 — with terribly damaging power the only devices created to beat the living species within the world are nuclear weapons. The top 10 nuclear power countries 2017 within the world are undoubtedly a threat to those who don’t have such weapons.

In no time, these devices will destroy the entire world. So it’s time to wonder which country has the most powerful weapons in the world and why countries have created such weapons? The answer is that if these are the threat to the globe, then in some ways these powerful nuclear weapons are used for the advantage of humanity and for the purpose of defense. You can also check out our list of the 11 most technologically advanced military weapons. The countries with the largest nuclear bomb today are considered to be safer places to live as compared to those who don’t have such weapons. If you are wondering about the most powerful nuclear weapon countries, it’s quite tough to sort out the precise number of nuclear weapons in every country. We looked at the list of the top 10 nuclear power countries 2015 as well as top 10 nuclear power countries in the world 2016 to get some idea while creating this article. Based on the Federation of American Scientists, the USA, Russia and also the U.K. are reducing their explosive inventories. However, the pace of reduction is slowing compared to that of the past twenty-five years. If we take a look at the atomic bomb countries ranking, we can clearly see that France and Israel have comparatively stable inventories, whereas China, Pakistan, India, and North Korea are increasing their explosive inventories. So it’s particularly frightening to know there are many countries that hold the future of the world in their hands, such as these 10 countries that have weapons of mass destruction.

The precise number of nuclear weapons in every country’s possession may be a closely controlled national secret. Despite this limitation, however, in public accessible info, careful analysis of historical records, and occasional leaks make it possible for us to create the list of 8 most powerful nuclear bombs in the world in 2017 to the best of our knowledge. We have collected info from the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), The Washington Post and Quora; then we ranked all the nuclear bombs in descending order according to their massive destructive power and Explosive Force.

Okay, now let’s look into the list of the most powerful nuclear bombs in the world in 2017.

8. Mk-14 / TX-14 Nuclear Bomb

Explosive Force: 6.9Mt

Mk-14 / TX-14 Nuclear Bomb was the first ever fielded solid fuel thermonuclear weapon in the US. It had an estimated yield of 6.9Mt when it was exploded during the Castle Union nuclear test in 1954. B-36 and B-47 bombers were used to carry this nuclear bomb, and the rate of fall decelerated by parachute drop method.

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