8 Easiest Cancers to Treat

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While no cancer is good news by any means, the 8 easiest cancers to treat are much smaller blows than others, as they provide you with a very high probability of survival.

Medicine has come a long way, to the point that the question is no longer if there is any hope for a cancer patient, the updated question is: is cancer curable or treatable? Well, it is always treatable. Modern science has come up with many methods that can help shrink down cancer, help improve the quality of the patient’s life or at the very least prolong it as much as possible. In this case, the quality of the doctor and the hospital also comes into play. The 10 best cancer hospitals in the world are not considered so for no reason. Many times, treatment completely eradicates cancer, resulting in complete remission for the patient. However, sometimes treatment may only contain cancer or lessen it, but not remove it, which obviously means the disease hasn’t been cured. So whether or not cancer is curable is something that depends entirely on the type of cancer you have and the stage your cancer is at, which brings us to our topic.

Easiest Cancers to Treat


We have for you a curable cancers list, which ranks types of cancers based on the 5-year survival rate of patients who have been diagnosed with that particular cancer. We have taken this data from Table 7 of the report published by the American Cancer Society titled Cancer Facts & Figures 2018. The report proffers a very comprehensive summary of the most common cancers prevalent in the country today. Most of them you would already have heard of since diseases like prostate cancer or breast cancer are actually pretty common. It’s no wonder that the USA is one of the 12 countries with the highest breast cancer rates in the world.

While you can take this article as a compilation of curable cancers by percentage, you have to bear in mind that the percentage of survival we have used is an average one, it will go down considerably if the patient in question is at a very advanced stage of his or her disease. People whose loved ones have been inflicted with the turmoils of cancer often have these questions on their lips: is cancer curable at 3rd stage? Is cancer curable at stage IV? Again, the answer is all in the location of your cancer. The report linked above categorizes stages into local, regional and distant: local being stage I, regional being stage II and III and distant being stage IV, and while some cancers show pretty decent statistics in the regional stage, the odds of surviving at the last stage are sadly, quite slim. With something like pancreatic cancer though, which at a 5-year survival rate of 9% is the hardest cancer to cure, it probably doesn’t look good whatever the stage of the cancer is. But let’s not go into the area of incurable cancers or least treatable cancers, and just list down the 8 easiest cancers to treat.

8. Urinary Bladder Cancer

5-year survival rate: 78%

Like all cancers, the survival rate for urinary bladder cancer falls when it advances to higher stages. However, a positive factor for this cancer is that it is usually detected at an early stage as the symptoms present themselves as blood in the urine or pain while urination, signs that most of us are not likely to ignore. While 78% is the average survival rate, it can increase to 96% if the cancer is detected at stage zero (51% of them are).

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