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10 Easiest Painless Ways of Killing Yourselves Quickest

Looking for help?

Do you feel hopeless and need help? Contact suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have friend in need of help, ask your friend to contact the hotline too.

Do you feel hopeless and need help? Contact sucide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have friend in need of help, ask your friend to contact the hotline too.

United States: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Para español, llame al 1-888-628-9454.

Canada: Locate a crisis centre by clicking here.

India: Call AASRA's helpline at +91-22-27546669 or +91-22-27546667. You can also e-mail

United Kingdom: +44 1603 611311

France: +33 01 46 21 46 46

Australia: 13 11 14

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For those willing to know, here are the 10 easiest painless ways of killing yourselves quickest. This article is strictly for those who are looking into ideas for a writing a short story. If you’re really looking for easiest ways to die please stop reading and see a shrink, or get high, or have awesome and meaningless sex, or run. You should also read Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life: How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Can Put You in Control or the best selling book on suicide by Dr. Paul Quinnett Suicide: The Forever Decision. Of course, there is no way I know your circumstances but  know that most problems are temporary. More than nine out of 10 people who attempt to kill themselves but survive don’t kill themselves at a later date. This means suicidal crises are temporary in nature for 93% of the people. There is a 93% chance that your circumstances will change and you will want to live.

We have more interesting facts to share with you below but if you are impatient about finding the easiest, painless ways of killing yourself quickest, click here to skip the discussions and see the top 10 answers.

If you are reading this article about the easiest and painless ways to die because you are thinking about killing yourself, please also consider the possibility that on average only 8% of suicide attempts end up in death, whereas there is a non-trivial probability that your suicide attempt will cause traumatic brain injury. Gunshot injuries, hanging, carbon monoxide poisoning, overdose, electrocution, and drowning have the risk of causing long-term brain injury. Considering that 92% of all suicide attempts fail, and 93% of these people change their minds about suicide, you might have to live with a brain injury for the rest of your life if you attempt to kill yourself.

This article about the easiest, quickest, and painless ways to die may also be useful for state officials where death penalty is still legal. There have been about 1500 executions in this country since 1976 and nearly 90% of them are carried out by lethal injections. Alabama, Mississippi, and Oklahoma have included nitrogen asphyxiation to their list of easiest, painless and non-cruel ways to execute condemned prisoners. The proponents of this method claim that our brain is wired to detect carbon dioxide and we will die in extreme pain due to the build-up of carbon dioxide during suffocation. On the other hand our brain isn’t wired to detect nitrogen. If you inhale 100% nitrogen (or any other inert gas like argon, helium, neon, etc.), you will still be able to exhale carbon dioxide which won’t set off CO2 sensors in your brain and you will die painlessly.

However, not everyone agrees with this assessment. “Some studies suggest that fatal low oxygen levels alone do cause anxiety and the fear of suffocation. And, it wouldn’t actually matter, even if they are right. Hypoxia itself can cause severe nausea, disorientation, confusion, dizziness, inability to move, and seizures, regardless of what the carbon dioxide levels are doing. Nitrogen gas doesn’t put people to sleep as do the medicines used in anesthesia, so prisoners could be painfully aware. To be sure, sedating them first would prevent any distress from the hypoxia, but it would leave all the other problems associated with lethal injection,” Newsweek says in an article. So, it is really impossible to tell whether nitrogen asphyxiation is really an easy, painless way to die. Before revealing the easiest, painless ways to kill yourself, we’d like to share some interesting statistics about suicide.

Suicide has become extremely common these days. According to the World Health Organization, about 800,000 people kill themselves annually around the World. Most people think Japan is one of the top countries in the world where suicide is extremely common. Actually there are 24 other countries that have higher suicide rates in the world than Japan. You might also be interested in our list of 30 countries with the highest suicide rates. Surprisingly, a lot of teenagers have been reported in the suicidal cases. Suicide is second leading cause of death among the 15-29 age group in the world (see the list of 10 countries with the highest youth suicide rates in the world).

If you want to find out why people decide to kill themselves painlessly or not, you can check out our article about the biggest causes of suicide in America. Most people usually don’t even think about the causes of suicide until someone they know commits suicide. Suicide attempt is more common among women and one of the main reasons behind suicide is depression. At some point in their lives nearly 7% of women attempt to kill themselves using relatively painless ways like pills whereas about 4% of men attempt to kill themselves. Surprisingly suicide rate among males is around 3 times higher than among females simply because males attempt to kill themselves by guns or hanging which are faster and more certain than using pills. You can check out WHO suicide and depression statistics on our site as well.

 Easiest Painless Ways of Killing Yourselves Quickest


It isn’t easy to identify the main cause of suicide simply because  this is a very complex issue and there are different forces in different age and gender groups. Depression is considered to be a significant factor in people who kill themselves, however, it isn’t as clear cut as it looks. There are more than 16 million adults in the US who suffer from depression but only 40 thousand people in US kill themselves every year. Even when we assume that all of these people commit suicide because of their depression (which clearly isn’t the case), this means the probability of a person who suffers from depression is at most 0.25%. Depression and suicide rates around the world aren’t that different from the United States. Globally 350 million suffer from depression, yet less than 1 million commit suicide.

There is also a geographic component to suicide. India’s mega city New Delhi is the most suicidal city in the world. Every day there are an average of 10 people kill themselves in New Delhi. 3500 out of 800 thousand suicides worldwide happen in New Delhi. South Korea’s Seoul and Russia’s Moscow ranked second and third in number of suicides. These three cities account for 1% of worldwide suicides. When we take a look at the cities with the highest suicide rate per capita in 2018, Lithuanian city of Varena tops the list with 72 suicides per 100 thousand people. This is 5.5 times the suicide rate in America. Las Vegas and Colorado Springs have the highest suicide rates among all cities in the United States. You can check out the lists of 10 US states with the highest suicide rates and 10 US states with the lowest suicide rates on our site. Which of these two states, Alaska and Hawaii, do you think has a higher suicide rate?

Another statistic that supports the connection between geography and the propensity of people killing themselves is the low suicide rates in tropical locations. The suicide rate in Barbados 43 times lower than the suicide rate in the US. Grenada’s rate is 40 times, Jamaica and Brunie’s rate is 10 times, Bahamas’ rate is 8 times lower. You can check out the list of the least suicidal countries in the world here.

Before jumping into our list of the easiest painless ways of killing yourselves quickest, we have one more fact to share about suicide. Suicide rates vary widely among professions. Your job takes up a large chunk of your day and it affects you in countless ways including socially, mentally, and financially. For example suicide rates increase during economic recessions. Number one profession with the highest suicide rate in America is farming, fishing, and forestry. These farmers living mostly in rural areas are more than 6 times more likely to kill themselves than the rest of the population (see the list of professions with highest suicide rates in America). Things aren’t that different in Australia where males in rural areas have much higher suicide rates. Even though farmers are among the professions with the highest suicide rates, veterinarians (probably the ones in rural areas) have the highest rates of killing themselves.

According to many people, suicide is an individual right even though suicide is illegal in these countries. Whether or not people agree with it is a totally different debate but the amount of pain they feel while they die is an important matter. Before we start sharing our list of the 10 Easiest Painless Ways of Killing Yourselves Quickest, you should know that there are 10 countries where euthanasia and assisted suicide are legal. You might be able to get some help if you live in one of these 10 countries. Here is our list:

10. Wrist Cutting

Some suicidal people who have seen a lot of movies attempt to take their lives by cutting their wrists. If you are looking for a quick, painless way to die, this isn’t a good option at all. The success rate of suicide by wrist cutting is less than 2%, it is quite painful, and you will have limited use of your hands after your failed attempt. Wrist cutting doesn’t really belong in this list. Please read on to find out a method that is successful more than 99% of the time.