7 Top Travel Destinations for US Citizens

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So who is wondering what are the top travel destination for US citizens? Are you a US citizen yourself? Where you do like to go? Well, this list is arguably the most popular spots to find hoards of Americans flocking to for vacation. Americans certainly love to vacation, but considering their limited vacation time when compared with the rest of the world, they tend to stick to places that aren’t too far from home.

It’s no surprise that Mexico will be on the list. After all, there are many places in Mexico that are beautiful and safe to go to, and considering it’s America’s close neighbor, there are plenty of them visiting there year round.

Since the US has plenty of its own attractions, Americans are also drawn to places that offer a bit more history & culture that’s different from their own. With that said, they don’t want it too different and they often seek places that will have similar comfort to home. Beaches, architecture, food, and price of the destination are sure to play a  role in their choices of place to go.

What person wouldn’t want to bask under the sun on a tropical island? Or perhaps sip on some of the best wine and pasta in the world? Of course everyone is clamoring to see famous landmarks and make an appearance at some incredible ancient sights. There’s so much to see in this world, and you bet, Americans are dying to go them. So, before you read on, can you guess the top travel destination for US citizens?

7. Germany

Europe is a popular destination for Americans and they love Germany. Maybe because we love beer almost as much as them (I said almost!)? Or maybe it’s because the architecture is mindblowing. Medieval buildings and gothic structures are wondrous and I wish we could see more of that in the US. The history here is a main draw, the people, and the culture are great, too, period.


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