11 Countries with the Best Roads in the World

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If smooth rides and long drives are your cup of tea, the list of the 11 countries with the best roads in the world might really interest you. Imagine zipping through the best roads in the world in a convertible, with the wind in your hair and your car never hitting a road bump. These world class roads that can inspire anyone to pack up their back and set out on a road trip actually do exist in some countries.

When you’re considering of visiting a country quality of roads should generally be on the top of the priorities to be considered because only good roads ensure smooth sailing and rewarding experiences. Hiccup free roads add greatly to the pleasant experiences on the way. And, it might even be a better option than trains sometimes, especially when you enjoy driving. However, apart from being a great blessing to drivers, the quality of roads is also an important parameter of a country’s infrastructure level, and is of great national importance. Bad roads only increase the risk of accidents and breakdowns.

A strong infrastructure is reflected in good roads. And, if infrastructure is one of your biggest concerns while visiting a country, another significant element of it is internet. Over the years internet has been increasingly gaining on importance. Availability of speedy, uninterrupted network on your trips abroad ensures you are well-connected with friends and family back home. So do also go through the 11 Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed before you leave for your next trip.


It is highly debatable though, of what exactly are the criteria that determine the countries with the best roads in the world. Of course the physical attributes are important. Unwrinkled, creamy roads that provide you with a luxury car experience even in your budget vehicle are definitely everybody’s favorite. But, another important variable can be the safety. And a considerable responsibility of it lies towards the citizens themselves. Therefore it’s not only the governments who are accountable for the world-class roads and citizens have an equal part to play.

So are you curious to know if your country qualifies for the list? Strap on your seatbelts as we take a walkthrough.

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