7 Best Places To Visit in Central America Before You Die

Let’s see if I can guess what you’re thinking… I think you’re thinking about what are the best places to visit in Central America before you die?  Ah, well, I think that was a lucky guess since you clicked on this article. So why are you curious about Central America?

Could it be for the miles and miles of pristine and gorgeous beaches that they hold? Or maybe you’re up for exploring incredible ancient ruins, learning about the history, and seeing relics from thousands of years ago. Are you a hiker? Do you hope to scale some of the volcanoes that Central America holds? Perhaps you want to do a whole lot of nothing. Just chill on  an island and soak up the sun rays all day. Maybe getting in the water and snorkeling or diving is more your thing. Perhaps you want to explore the many marine creatures and slice through the clear blue waters. Maybe historical churches and landmarks are your thing, or the incredible flora and fauna. The cosmopolitan cities? The delicious food? What is it? Why are you interested in Central America? Ah, I get it! Maybe you’re not interested yet, and are looking for reasons to go. You don’t know enough about it and you’re curious to get to know this area.

If you’re questioning the safety, there’s nothing to worry about. Just like there are plenty of beautiful and safe places to visit in Mexico, the rest of Central America is the same. There’s of course crime, just like there is in your city, but generally speaking, many places in Central America are beautiful and safe, and around the world!

So fret not on your safety, and start thinking about when you will be to visit all these spots in Central America. Seven places aren’t enough, but let’s start there and see where we can go…

7. Leon, Nicaragua

Despite the crumbling colonial buildings, this charming city is a must visit while in Nicaragua. Churches and cathedrals, fantastic food, fun nightlife, and an eccentric art scene makes this spot an energetic and lively city to explore for a few days.

Pascal RATEAU/Shutterstock.com

Pascal RATEAU/Shutterstock.com