The 11 Countries with the Best Standard of Living

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Find the best quality of life in this list of the 11 countries with the best standard of living. Although, to many, standard of living may be subjective or may vary depending on the individual and his/her current circumstances. There are some factors that most, if not all people agree on, and which determine the standard of living in a country – from the level of pollution, traffic, property and goods price, to healthcare capabilities and benefits, safety and even the general financial power of the people and the country. All of these are taken into account and will be the main reason for the ranking in this list.

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What countries do you think have the best standard of living? What factors do you believe make up such standards? You might find yourself immersed in one way or another – from a simple interest in a country to an opportunity to stay or live in one. More information leads to a better decision, of course, so let’s go ahead and start with the list of these high quality countries.

11. Norway

Norway has a lot going for it, and even every household has an average income that is higher than that of an average American citizen. About 80% of the population is educated in at least secondary school and the country itself exhibits a high happiness index, life expectancy and voter turnout.


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