The 11 Places to Visit in Africa before You Die

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Complete your bucket list with the 11 places to visit in Africa before you die. We may know a certain number of good or bad things from Africa from what we’ve seen in TV or the internet. One can never deny the true experience of having been to the country and experience its uniqueness in the world. Africa sports a different environment. From the hot and rigid wilderness to bustling cities, there are many places we may or may not be aware of that one must experience while in this world. Now if you’re from Africa, maybe there are a few more things that you haven’t seen yet in such a large country.

We’ve compiled a list for you. From the best that nature has to offer, to even historical and cultural experiences. If you want other ideas on places to travel, be sure to check out our other list of 10 Great Places to Travel in Africa.

Africa is home to a few of the most iconic civilizations and empires in history. Many scientists also argue that the country itself is the origin point of different races and civilizations around the world today. Even now there are still things that are yet to be discovered in the country because of its vast long lineage and history that one can draw from. So it is definitely great if you give yourself an opportunity to be able to travel and take a trip through time. Here is the first of this list of 11:

11. Zambia

Zambia is a haven for nature and outdoor enthusiasts. They have a number of different types of landmarks to appreciate. From around 18 waterfalls to river trails, cliffs, forests, a few elevated terrain ranges that both the casual person and the adrenaline junkie can enjoy. Zambia is also well known for providing a personal and close encounter with wildlife from Africa.


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