11 Most Dangerous Airports In the World

What are the most dangerous airports in the world? When we are flying from one place to another we hope for three things. First, our trip not to be cancelled or delayed. Second, for us to have a safe and sound departure and arrival to our destination. And third, for our seatmate not to snore so loud. Each airline should be posting their precautions and should be implementing their own set of safety rules. What if the airline itself  doesn’t have a choice but to continue their operation? It could be a matter of life and death and even a plane crash too. Yet, these notorious airlines don’t have a choice. They are only doing their job anyway, to fly you to different sides of the globe. Are you brave enough to fly with them? Well, there’s only one thing (or person) that makes this dangerous airport seem natural, he is  the ‘pilot’.

Never underestimate the power and abilities of a pilot. They can fly and land a gigantic plane to places you could not have imagined before.  A short airstrip could spell disaster if the pilot is not well-trained to lift-off in only a few thousand feet. A departure and arrival of a  plane is difficult when you have to crisscross over the Alps. Some airports’ runways are so dangerous they shut down and never operated again.

We cannot wait any longer to name the most dangerous airports in the world! Before anything else, you may check out the 10 biggest airports in the world to feed yourself a handful of facts about aircrafts!

Here are the most dangerous airports in the world!

11. Los Angeles International Airport

Location: USA
LAX is consistently in the list of unsafe airports. According to a news reference, in 2007, a WestJet 737 descended and nearly smashed into a Northwest Airbus during departure. How can we trust LAX when even in its own runways, there’s still traffic?

Digital Media Pro/Shutterstock.com

Digital Media Pro/Shutterstock.com