The 11 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

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Today we tread into dangerous terrain with this list of the 11 most dangerous animals in the world. For most of us that live in a metropolis and large cities, we often forget the presence of animals in the wilderness. What we are familiar with are the domesticated and bred types of animals. The animals that are eaten or taken care of as pets. Every year there are many more species that are discovered, each having their own advantages and dangers and there are still many unknown to us.

What constitutes these animals being called dangerous? One of the main factors for the dangers that these large or small animals present is that they have capabilities of inflicting fatalities, if they decide to turn aggression to you. Some would best be avoided once encountered and some can even cause havoc if let loose in cities. If you’re looking for a friendlier list, check out the World’s Most Famous Animals.

Some of these on the list may not be familiar or common animals you may know of, there are certain areas in the world where these animals may be more commonly found or dominant. Remember to always take care and be aware of the potential things you may encounter when you travel, especially those you are not usually expecting.. With this, let’s start the list:

11. Hyena

Commonly known for its trademark laugh and being a scavenging animal more than a hunting animal, hyenas can become relentless in pursuit and the hunt especially when they develop a taste for human flesh. They’ve also been known to actively hunt humans if there is a decrease in the food supply.


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