11 Most Expensive Party Schools In America

Today we list the 11 Most Expensive Party Schools in America. As the teenagers choose which college to apply for, many facts and features are to be considered. Besides the quality of education, diversity of the study programs and off-class activities, many youngsters consider social life as a major factor. College period is filled with experiences; many people tell that college was the most exciting time of their lives.


Social life is developed the best among boarding schools, since people studying here are part of the communities of similar interests. Experiences and social life are blossoming during education in boarding schools. Many colleges and higher schools are expensive; the price is a deciding factor for some people. Like we’ve shown in our recent list of most expensive boarding schools in America, education in popular schools can be pricey.

Today, we guide you through the most expensive party schools in America; the places where young students can learn, improve, and have an amazing social life.

11. West Virginia University

This is the place where partying is an everyday activity. Education is at the high level, with many studying programs to apply to. The first week of classes starts with “FallFest”, a massive traditional festival since the 1990s for welcoming new students. Biggest names in the music industry perform at the FallFest, making the traditional concert a definite party destination. To study at WVU, you’ll need $19,632 a year.

Aspen Photo / Shutterstock.com

Aspen Photo / Shutterstock.com