6 Most Expensive Pens In the World

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Today we tackle prestigious collectibles that only ultra-wealthy enjoy in – the 6 Most Expensive Pens in the World. When billionaires put their signatures on the multi-million contracts, they do it with prestigious pens, getting the attention and showcasing pure style and extravaganza. When somebody pulls out a diamond plated pen, or a pen from rare and ultra-expensive materials, you know you’re in the wealthy company. The usage of pens is fading today as the digital communication technologies allow us to put our signature digitally, or pay without touching. Nevertheless, the golden engraved pen surely won’t leave you aloof.


The wealthy businessmen who wear this kind of pens are showing the prestige: pens from this list can cost a huge fortune. Those are people who drive ultra-expensive cars, live in mansions, whose children go to some of the most expensive boarding schools; in one phrase – ultra-rich people.

Today, we list the 6 most expensive pens in the world that are rare, unique, and available only to a handful of people. Their owners will remain secret.

6. Caran d’Ache Gothica Pen

Celebrating Gothic art and architecture, made of rhodium plated silver and decorated with characteristically Gothic elements, the Gothica Pen shines with exclusive light. Diamonds cut in a shape of a rose to decorate Gothic windows on this pen look astonishing; 892 of them were used to create the prestigious pen. Chinese pen lovers first had the opportunity to see this work of art on an exhibition in 2006, and it still belongs to the most expensive pens in the world. The price for this pen is $406,453. Around 1000 pens are made for this limited collection by silversmiths of Caran d’Ache.

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