17 Most Expensive Boarding Schools in America

The most expensive boarding schools in America are also the ones that are not only providing quality education but are also the front-runners in extra-curricular activities and providing amenities to its students. However, graduating from these schools may actually end up costing a bomb!

These are the schools which provide students with the best of the opportunities to learn and excel in exciting lessons and facilities that surpass all standards. Ordinarily you might think of a mundane and illiberal place the moment the words ‘boarding school’ pops up, but for the students attending these elite schools the scenario might be entirely different. From the highest tech to the best of the rooms and interesting electives, they are offering their students everything. That explains the costs which range from $50,000-$60,000, definitely high for high school education.

However, it might not always be necessary for one to shell out a fortune to get a quality education; great education does come at a higher price these days. But, if you are willing to give the glitz and the glamour a miss and the high scores in college entrance examinations are your only goal, the 7 Best Boarding Schools in America are the ones you are looking for. These are the schools where the cream of the crop and highest SAT score holders are graduating from.



America has one of the best education standards in the world and parents are getting more conscious about high school education and are willing to spend more on it rather than saving up for college. Both are being recognized as equally important towards the students’ future. While, boarding schools, have always been known to inculcate a sense of discipline and all-round development in students.  The list we have compiled is based on the total costs including tuition, rooms and any other mandatory requirements and fees where applicable. You will be surprised how expensive the most expensive boarding schools in America can get. Here’s the list for you!