11 Most Expensive Airports Ever Built in the World

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Today you’re going to find about 11 Most Expensive Airports ever built in the World. Nowadays, the cities are investing in airport expansions and building new ones because of connections and possibilities airports bring to the modern society. Fast transportation by airplanes is the pillar of progression in today’s world. You can go to a business meeting in a distant part of the world in a few hours. To build and sustain a big airport, a huge amounts of money are needed.


Having an airport in the city brings advantages: worldwide connections, international flights, and numerous possibilities, considering tourist, business, and economic aspects. In our recent list of 10 biggest airports in the world you can find cities that have a huge impact on the economy of the country because of the airport. Since building them, the growth was notable in many aspects of the society.

Today, we list the 11 airports that were the most expensive to build from history till today. Some of them are unfinished, and every one of them shows impressive numbers when we talk about money spent. Let’s dive in.

11. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Texas, USA

The $3,2 billion worth airport in Dallas is expanding at the moment; an $2,3 billion terminal construction project is underway, with estimated date of finish in 2017. With over 55 million passengers a year, this is a ninth busiest airport in the world, with an annual economic impact of near $17 billion for the city of Dallas. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport spreads on 30 square miles, which makes it the second biggest airport in the entire US.


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