7 Most Expensive Bed Sheets

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Would you care to buy at least one of the most expensive bed sheets? Most people spend approximately one-third of their precious life sleeping or just lying in their bed. If we are spending much of our life’s time in bed, why not get the most out of it and buy yourself a comfy yet classy bed sheet? The rich and famous, who, of course, have the money to buy these luxurious bed sheets choose only the finest linens made from one 100% natural fiber. Unlike any ordinary bed linens, these high-priced bed sheets all-in-all are made from the top class natural fibers like the Egyptian cotton.

The most expensive bed sheets in the world possess higher thread count. They also have an exceptional texture and medium weight making nap time more enjoyable. But, some luxurious and marvelous bed sheets are made of 100% cotton fibers with the finest silk thread weave together to make and design a softer consistency in its texture.

Whether these bed sheets are made by the famous designers or a celebrated brand, you must consider the following factors to choose and determine the best beddings that will suit your taste. For a soft/smooth sheets, a 500 thread count or higher of Prima or Egyptian cotton sheet weave offers a smoother feel. On the other hand, an 800 thread count or more of Egyptian/Supima cotton weave with satin fabric is needed for a refined feel. If you’re after a cool silky texture, satin weaved and made from a natural fiber silk-like polyester, acetate or nylon is recommendable for you. If you want a crisp and smooth sheet, look for a type of linen with the blend of cotton and polyester with a thread count of 400 or higher along with Percale weave. Look for a flannel weave with 400 or more thread count for a warm and fluffy sheets.



Before buying these sheets, find out what sheet size do you need. Do you need a flat sheet or a fitted one? Decide on what kind of feel do you prefer, whether crisp, soft or wrinkle-free. You might also want to search for the basic terms used by manufacturers such as Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, Supima cotton, Satin, Thread count, Percale to name a few. Aside from these reminders, don’t forget to look for tips on how to take proper care of these luxurious and expensive bed sheets.

You might see one of these expensive bed sheets in hotels mentioned in our article about the 11 Most Expensive Hotels in New York City. These luxurious hotels are made to provide rich and famous people a place and accommodate to stay for a night or two with endless attractions from luxurious suites, a stream of chocolates and flowers and even a private chauffeur.

Listed below are the 7 most expensive bed sheet according to their price tag.

7. Dreamsacks Seamless Silk

Cost: $655

Dreamsacks sheets feature a charmeuse trim and silk piping on the hem, a satin weave that leaves one side glossy and the other, matte. The matte finish was achieved by washing the silk with sand prior to manufacturing. Indeed, a legendary move from its manufacturer!


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