10 Best Engineering Schools in NY

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Interested in finding out which are the best engineering schools in NY? Then you have come to the right page. Since studying engineering is very popular these modern days, and there are many engineering schools in NY we have decided to help you find the best ones. Which one is the best for you – it will depend on many factors – what majors does it offer, where is located and how much does it coast. So, take a look at our list below, and find the perfect engineer school in NY for you!


Why have we chosen to list the best schools for engineering in NY? Because we have already listed The 20 Best Engineering Colleges in America, and also because all schools in New York are known by its prestige. A hub of diversity, commerce, and culture is what defines New York. The elegance of the NY is a symbol of forward thinking, and its universities are no different either, its schools give you a wide range of subjects to major on, promising a good quality of education wherever you go.

There are in total 87 engineering schools in NY. Out of these 87 we have chosen only the 10 best ones, and that doesn’t mean that other schools are not good. Keep in mind that in New York prestige and quality is all around, especially when it comes to colleges. So, if none of these schools matches you criteria, because of the location or major that has to offer, don’t he hesitate to search for some other engineering school in NY. From 87 of them, one will certainly be an ideal place for your engineer studies.

For this list, we have used the ranking from best-engineering-colleges, made by counting a variety of factors, including evaluation of teaching and number of different majors. But, don’t be surprised to see that our number one school for engineering has fewer majors than number two. In this case, the more doesn’t necessary mean the better, but of course it also counts how much majors can offer one good college. That means that for you – our number one engineer school in NY, maybe isn’t the number one because it doesn’t offer, for example, Mining and Mineral Engineering major. Take a look at our list, and find out if we’ve succeeded in finding the right school for you.

Without further ado, we bring you 10 best engineering schools in NY:

10. Stony Brook University

In the 10th position of our list of the Best engineering schools in NY is Stony Brook University. It is located in Stony Brook and offers over 16 engineering majors.

9. SUNY at Binghamton

SUNY at Binghamton is located in Vestal and offers 16 engineering majors, including Biomedical Engineering, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, General Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and so on.

8. Clarkson University

Ranked among no. 11 of the “Best Univeristy Colleges” by Salary Potential, Clarkson University is a private university founded in 1896. The university is located in Potsdam and offers more than 27 engineering majors.

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