11 Biggest Generic Drug Companies in the World

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When it comes to 11 Biggest Generic Drug Companies in the World one can say that the list hasn’t changed a great deal over the years. Names like Novartis, Johnson & Johnsons, Pfizer and Roche are still up there as the very best but in the last few years the bottom of the rankings have seen some changes.

Eli Lilly & Co was hanging by a thread on the 10th spot last year and is now taken over by a company that is making huge sums of profits, Gilead Sciences. Gilead has earned a name for itself in the recent past particularly due to its Hepatitis C med known as Sovaldi.  The company’s revenue almost hit the $25 billion mark. What’s more surprising is the revenue was below $ 11 billion last year. Names like AstraZeneca, Bayer HealthCare and GlaxoSmithKline still find themselves in the top 11 list but at a slightly different position this time around.

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing. More and more companies are coming into the market and challenging the best. Although, some familiar names always stay on top – new companies have enough fire to stay in the game too.

We gathered all the information regarding these big generic drug companies and ranked them according to the revenue they generate on a yearly basis. What might surprise you here is the fact that despite making some huge revenue and profit figures, none of these pharmaceutical companies are in our list of the Most Profitable Businesses. We may come up with an answer to this later but for now let’s focus on our list of best generic drug companies in the world.

11. Teva

Teva is one of the leading names in the generic drugs market. The company has its headquarters in Petah Tikva, Israel. In 2014, Teva’s revenue was more than $20 billion.


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