10 Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates In The World: 2015 Rankings

What are the countries with the highest suicide rates in the World? There are many different things that can drive a man to suicide. All of these things have one common factor. Depression or more accurately the loss of will to live is the main cause of suicides around the world. However, the things that may bring this emotion out may be different depending on the situation or the culture of the country the person is residing in. For example suicides in some countries are caused by high social pressure and standards.

For this list, we take into account the suicide rates for both men and women and bring them to an average. This average is then compared with other rates from around the world. For a more localized list, we also have The 10 Most Suicidal Cities in America. What countries do you think have the most suicides?

Whatever the case, suicide is generally shunned by society. Even from multiple standpoints there is nothing positive you can gain from committing suicide. Making your own life a payment for the wrongs done to you isn’t dealing with a problem. That’s just giving up on a larger scale. Sometimes suicidal people tunnel their vision and thoughts into the act and forget to see the bigger picture. Let’s go ahead and see what the first country is on this list:

10. Ukraine

Suicide is the leading cause of death in the Ukrainian army. Many soldiers are driven to suicide because they cannot cope with the mental and emotional demands of serving in the army. People in the army also have a difficulty adapting to the environment during and after a war.