The 11 Countries with the Best Diet

Some of the healthiest people in the world live in the 11 countries with the best diet. Diet is an essential part of a good life. Because of the lack of a good diet, many problems arise. A good diet can lead to a healthier body which in turn can prevent most sicknesses and diseases. It also prevents obesity and leads to generally longer lives. Some countries in the world have better food options and choices which make them have a better diet compared to others.

A bad diet can essentially lead to a higher mortality rate, higher chances of sicknesses and even obesity. You’ll notice that a lot of countries with the worst diet are included in The 10 Fattest Countries in the World. Interestingly, a lot of African countries make up this list which says positive things about their food choices. Despite some other issues the continent’s countries may have, Africa might be the best choice when it comes to having the best diet.

What do you think are the countries in this list? What other countries have made it in? Many would argue that discipline would be the key factor. Others may also believe that culture can significantly affect food choices. Whatever the case, some countries are just better off in terms of diet and food. Let’s check the first in this list:

11. French Guiana

This tropical country in South America is the first in this list of 11. French Guiana takes a lot of influence neighboring countries. Seafood is very popular here due to the country being near both the Caribbean and the Atlantic. A good portion of their diet also includes fresh vegetables.