11 Countries with the Highest Depression Rates in the World

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We are definitely in need of more awareness around depression and that is why we are discussing the countries with the highest depression rates in the world today. Depression is one of the major demons the society faces. And, even though millions of people are tormented by it across the world, it has been repeatedly known to be swept under the rug.

It is an ailment as hard to cope with as any other physical ailment. Even then most people suffering from it choose to remain silent and avoid treatment. Undetected cases often tend to worsen over time and without proper medical guidance depression can prove to be a life-longing struggle and an extremely draining experience. Its effects can range from minor mood swings, loss of concentration and appetite to even suicidal tendencies if ignored for long.

If we consider the demographics, we see more females are affected by the illness than males and even the richest countries don’t seem to free from its clutches. For instance in the case of United States tops our list and the rate of lifetime prevalence of depression in the country can be as high as 17%.  Suicides are also as high as 1 in every 10, 000. Know more about the country’s suicide rates with our lift of 10 States with the Highest Suicide Rates (Most Depressing and Suicidal States).


Lately social media and organizations have been instrumental in creating a more open environment for discussions relating to depression and busting certain myths and taboos thereof. It is extremely important for the society to be more open towards patients suffering from it and be slightly more considerate. Medical advances today have come up with various treatments for effective recovery of patients with both medications and psychotherapies being available to them. However, we shall never be free from the shackles of it if we choose to shy away from accepting that it exists among us. Patients need to face their demons in order to conquer them. And, society has a great responsibility to fulfill too.

So, here’s a list of countries with the highest depression rates in the world.

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