7 Places to Visit in Hong Kong Before You Die

You wouldn’t think that there are that many places to visit in Hong Kong before you die considering the size of the island. But with so much history, it’s not hard to see why. You can even take a step out of Asia if you want to go back into colonial times. Despite its tiny size, don’t think that it is lacking in any way in terms of attractions offered. This island even offers other island escapes, incredible shopping, and some of the most fantastic views of a city that one can get.

There’s a gondola ride over the South China Sea with islands in the distance, some of the most photographed places in Hong Kong, temples, Buddhas and more. Culture is something you won’t be able to get away from. Be sure to get your tummy full of local and traditional cuisine so you are fueled up and ready to experience all the hustle and bustle this eccentric and exciting island offers.

If city life gets to you a bit, and you’re in need for a break, you don’t have to flee the country, just hop over to another world at Repulse Bay and take a load off. Beach bum and explore the attractions in the area, there’s no going wrong here. If shopping is what you want, shopping is what you will get. The malls and centers here are hard to beat. Phenomenal views, experiences, tastes, shopping, and streets to wander down are what Hong Kong offers.

In terms of safety, there’s nothing to really worry about. Take your everyday precautions as you would at home or anywhere else in the world, and you will be just peachy. There are many  places to visit in Hong Kong before you die and plenty more at the most popular destinations in Asia, too.  So just worry about where to go next, not whether or not you will be safe. Just use common sense and you will get on just fine. Now go enjoy your Hong Kong getaway!

7. Nathan Road

This is one of the most photographed areas in Hong Kong. This typical neon signs that pop out of the sides of the buildings are everywhere. This is the commercial center of Tsim Sha Tsui. This is the bustling area of the city, so prepare for the chaos!

claudio zaccherini/Shutterstock.com

claudio zaccherini/Shutterstock.com