11 Countries With the Worst Human Rights Violations in the World

Today’s society holds human rights in the highest regard – something not quite true for the 11 countries with the worst human rights violations in the world. Unlike the places in our list of the 11 countries with the best human rights ranking, these countries hold little to no respect for every person’s basic rights given at birth. These include the freedom to retain physical integrity and not be harmed without reason, the freedom to speak freely and the freedom to own property. While the list goes on, this should give you the basic idea of how bad of a treatment people in these countries receive on a daily basis. Lots of the items on the list are states that are torn by war or recover from it. Many of them have no effective rulers and protection services, while others have exactly the opposite – oppressive, totalitarian rulers and services.

The concept of human rights is nothing but new. These are the inherited, not based on anything except the fact that you are human, right which are not governed by any attribution to race, age or creed of yours. The earliest recording of their conceptualization can be traced way back to the sixteenth century, when it was speculated that there should be a set of moral rules which are based on the “natural law”. Such proposals were made by people who fought for equality between the social classes and the then discovered indigenous people of the new continents. From then on, throughout the next couple of centuries, the focus of human rights moved on to the use and treatment of slaves. During the nineteenth century, the human rights concept evolved to include every race and religion, every minority and the then strongly underrepresented women in these minorities.

Nowadays, the concept of human rights has shaped up quite well, aiming to secure at least the very basic moral standards by which a living person should be respected. Even so, there are far too many breaches in them for us to call them finished and refined. There is still a lot of tyranny in the world, a lot of shady practices and even in the strongest upholding countries for human rights. Be it because of a complicated political or moral situation or pure savagery or tyranny, let’s look at the list of countries which still violate the very basic we are born with.