9 Places to Visit in Japan Before You Die

With so many amazing places to visit in Japan before you die,  it will be a tough decision were to go and spend your time. Should you spend time in one of the largest cities in the world taking in every ounce of culture, history, and everything in sight? It could take months before you feel like you’ve seen it all. Perhaps you want to find some of the most chilled out places of the country. You want to find your zen, be surrounded by nature, enjoy the traditional architecture of the shrines and temples, and just be. If the city isn’t your thing, and being too zen is too boring for you, perhaps you should head for the hills. Japan provides its visitors with a plethora of activities. Everything from hiking volcanoes, to white water rafting, and even skiing on some of the best slopes in the world.

So which vacationer are you? Perhaps you’re the one who wants it all, which in this case, works out just fine. Japan really can provide it all. It’s also easy to navigate, so no worries on just wanting to pick up and leave to switch up the scene.

Since there are only nine places to visit in Japan that are beautiful and safe, that are on this list, one must wonder where are the others? That’s for another list, another time. After getting to know some of the crazy facts about Japan that you won’t believe, you will surely be ready to pack those bags and go! Here are all places that are safe for foreigners to vacation at, while providing you with the ultimate experience. So go! Go explore Japan…


9. Jigokudani Monkey Park

Are seeing monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring spa a dream of yours? OK, maybe it is now that I mentioned it. If so, that can definitely happen in Japan’s Jigokudani Monkey Park. The wild Snow Monkeys clammer down the cliffs and take their afternoon dip before heading back to the forests for their relaxing night’s sleep.

Kiyoshi Hijiki/Shutterstock.com

Kiyoshi Hijiki/Shutterstock.com