8 Places to Visit in the Netherlands Before You Die

Get ready to read about the places to visit in the Netherlands before you die, but be warned; you will be purchasing a plane ticket shortly after. Take a historic wander through century-old streets and admire the architecture. Despite being in a Dutch country, you can even experience Spanish and Roman structures and history while you’re here. Learn about WWII and enjoy famous and groundbreaking artwork from popular artists.

The city of Amsterdam provides all that a tourist needs, but this country is so much more than just the streets of Amsterdam. When roaming around the country, you will have to see some of its iconic symbols like the garden of tulips, or the impressive windmills. Perhaps not the most intriguing when just reading about them, but being in the presence of them is a totally different story.

You might even fancy going island hopping, yes island hopping is a choice here in this delightful Dutch country. After noshing on some of the traditional foods the country offers, you might want to wander through some of the most beautiful gardens and parks imaginable. Wildlife and nature activities are abundant, and biking around town is certainly a must do.

There are plenty of places to see in Europe before you die, but where are the places to visit in the Netherlands that are safe and beautiful? Well, pretty much everywhere. The Netherlands is a very safe country and you should have no worries when traveling here. Now read on and then get to looking up a plane ticket…

8. Gouda

Yes, Gouda, just like the cheese! A fan of cheese are we? Well, not only will you be able to gorge yourself full of this delicious cheese, but you can wander around the old streets and get a glimpse of the past with timeworn, yet beautiful buildings that line the walkways. There are pretty canals snaking through the city, and the incredible stained glass windows of St. Janskerk.