10 Countries with Longest Life Expectancy

Living to a ripe, old age may not be for everyone in today’s dynamic, tiring world but the people from the 10 countries with longest life expectancy surely make an exception. We still live in a world where life expectancy varies greatly from country to country. Given that it is a complex estimate which is shaped up by various factors, you would expect to see some odd results in this list. However, it is quite clear – developing countries still struggle with high mortality and their counterparts on the other end of the spectrum struggle with overly abundant and increasingly older population.

The life expectancy of a country is usually calculated separately for men and women due to the statistic fact that men lead shorter lives than the opposite sex. This is usually attributed to the higher-risk jobs, more physical strain and more medical negligence of the male part of the population. It is estimated that worldwide, women live to over seventy-one years, while men on average live up to a bit over sixty-eight. This being said, the countries which fall to the bottom of the countries with longest life expectancy still have a high mortality rate at ages as low as forty-five. In certain parts of the world the population overall remains younger but due to the high child mortality rates.

If you have already seen our list of the 15 healthiest countries, you would wonder why the results are so different. It is quite easily explainable, though – there we accounted for life expectancy at birth and in this ultimate narrowing down, we account for data, based on different events . Even so, it should be mentioned that this list reflects each country’s’ political and economical power and how much of it they choose to harness in favor of their population’s health and general well-being, even in times of disaster and conflicts. With no further ado, let us take a look at our 10 countries with longest life expectancy.