10 Best Places to Visit in India Before You Die

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If you are channelling your inner wildlife traveller we made a list of the best places to visit in India before you die, just for you! No doubt, India is the place to calm your inner self and grow to discover more of life. But it’s really sad to hear nasty things the media says about how harmful it is in India- of the growing rape cases, robbery, kidnapping and abduction, and worst of all, murder. How can you be safe nowadays? You only want to witness Mother Nature’s timeless beauty yet there are these inhumane crimes in India that are continued to grow. India is such a beautiful gem, no questions asked. But if you are a solo traveller or a woman backpacker, here are some tips on the best places to visit in India before you die. Of course, as we told you before with our previous read about the top 10 best places to visit in Mexico that are beautiful and safe, you never have to sacrifice your safety just to be a certified adventurer. So what’s the catch here? How can you protect yourself from danger while travelling? It’s as simple as not going to the most impacted areas that are known for such increasing crimes. How can you do that? That’s where we come in.

Don’t worry, mighty ranger. Because we always got your back! Together let us visit the safest places in India that will surely give you tears in your eyes (because India is indeed, unbelievable and amazingly gorgeous). So change your backpacker clothes to Sari or Indian suits and get ready to roll as we present to you the best places to visit in India that are stunningly beautiful while being it safe and sound. So get your pens up and let’s kill this Indian destination list!

10. Ladakh

If you want to witness the beauty of the Greater Himalayas, Ladakh is the heaven on Earth spot in India, the exact place where you want to be. Thrill-seekers often hike and treks up to the best spot where they can stare at the snow-topped mountains from afar. Whichever adventurous activity you’d want to get involved yourself into, they have it in Ladakh. Women travellers should not have problems visiting Ladakh for the inhabitants themselves are very hospitable and kind.


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