10 Most Affordable Pharmacy Schools in the US

The most affordable pharmacy schools in the US have yearly tuition as low as $6500. You read that right. The pharmacy schools that are on our list are not only affordable, they’re also pretty great. Think you can take it a step further and make the neighbors jealous, check out the  The 10 Most Affordable Medical Schools in the US.

Both medicine and pharmacy have a special role in our lives. People who chose to become either pharmacists or doctors usually have a sincere wish to help people. Since unfortunately we can’t even imagine having the world without any illnesses, pharmacy is an industry that will never run out of business. It’s potentially profitable. Pharmacists can manage flexible work enviroments – they can work in healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical industries, pharmacy schools, and managed care organizations. And, of course, with a Ph.D. they can teach pharmacy in colleges.



The pharm-d program takes 4 years to complete, and you can find various pharmacy schools in the US with high rankings and high reputes but with all the reputation you still want less burden on your pocket. Most of the schools have high tuition fees, but there are some schools with high rankings and low tuition fees. If you are searching for the most affordable pharmacy schools in the US, then you should consider studying in state schools because going to out-of-state schools would cause much more expenses.

You should keep few things in mind before deciding to take an admission to a pharmacy school. Consider location – a school near to your residence is certainly a better choice than some far away. That is why in-state schools are preferred when you are worrying about the tuition fees. Also, be aware of the fact that every school has different rules and different environment for their students. And two most important things you should consider are: tuition fee and quality of the school. We hope that at least one pharmacy school from our list can be a wise choice for your studies.

There are around 140 Pharmacy Schools in the US, which makes the quest of finding out most affordable ones pretty hard. We’ve narrowed down our research to some of the universities that are known for their affordable tuition and fee prices. But keep in mind that all prices stated below are estimates (even on their websites it is always stated that those are only estimated prices, which can change easily). So, for the most accurate information about the tuition and fees, we advise you to contact directly the administrative office of the college you are interested in. And here are the most affordable pharmacy schools in the US that we’ve found: