Top 10 Video Game Franchises that Need to Die

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Ready your popcorn and pitchforks as we tackle the Top 10 Video Game Franchises that Need to Die. There are video game franchises that are enjoyed and celebrated, fans and critics eagerly awaiting each next release of the game. But there are many franchises today that should just stop production and give way to making new games, new stories and ideas. A lot of what you’ll find here on the list retain just for the sake of making new releases to get more money which isn’t ideal especially for gamers out there. Others have just already set their course and should end before they make bad impressions out of good ones.

Taking a look at the numerous game franchises we have on the market, this list will definitely be up to debate as there are a lot of choices and just 10 spots to fill. So with that in mind, we take a look at different factors and add them up by weight and the opinion of most fans to see what game franchises are ready for the guillotine.

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Without any more delay, let’s go start our top 10 video game franchises that need to die list.

10. Lego Games

Lego is a celebrated toy, and it’s collaboration with numerous other franchises have led to some interesting products. However, you can only have so many games that you spend destroying stuff to get Lego blocks. As quirky and innovative Lego may be for their games, I think they should take a break from just making too many Lego games a year.

9. Gran Turismo

Some time ago, Gran Turismo was the forerunner of racing games. Promoting realism and the best cars for any racing enthusiast, they did release constantly with all the stiff competition. Then the game just somehow stayed the same with each release.


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