10 Countries with the Highest Tax Rates

Ever wondered what the 10 countries with the highest tax rates are? Look no further as we list down the ten countries that would take most of your hard earned pay as tax. As for most of the workforce, we are aware of the significance of tax. This mandatory form of currency for the government is what drives the public sector’s finances. From construction projects like infrastructure and civil works, to educational and awareness campaigns, there is no doubt that a government needs taxes in order to sustain and maintain its country. With that said it’s curious to see how some countries take a larger amount of money compared to others. Some would even call the margin at 50%, with some arguing that half of what we earn is too much to be taken by the government. Interestingly, half of the list goes beyond the 50% margin.



Take into consideration, that we list the highest tax rates from the highest earners of each country. There might be some restrictions or exemptions depending on the laws and rules of the country, as you may see in some examples below. Other readers may find that the tax written here isn’t the same as what is being taken from their pay. You’ll find that a lot of people do not fall under the category of being under this high amount of tax.

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Let’s go ahead to the first country of high tax rate: