The 10 Most Successful Video Game Franchises

Let’s take a step into gaming history as we tackle the 10 Most Successful Video Game Franchises. Since the birth and development of video games, people and companies alike have been spending time and money in search for the greatest game. Very few games have set themselves apart from all the rest and even fewer stands out successfully in both creating fans and making money.  Some games have broken through and created lasting memories and gaming history, but only a chosen few have made successful franchises, making the game and the world itself a living lore.

In this list we consider the money made by these franchises, as well as the popularity among critics and fans alike. If you’re looking for just a game to enjoy, and the most successful one at that, it would be best if you’d also check out our list on The 10 Best Selling Video Games of All Time.

So, what franchises do you think will make this list? You might find favourites that you’ve played in the past or new discoveries that could lead you to more hours of immersion and enjoyment. Whatever the case, prepare your mind, wallets, consoles and computers. We’re about to dive into the pool of these successful franchises.

10. FIFA

The only sports franchise to break through into the list is FIFA. Football has been one of the more popular games internationally, and the results of the success of FIFA speak of that popularity. But the game is successful not only because of its fan base, but because of its crisp and realistic gameplay recognized by many as the best there is in all football games.

Christian Bertrand /

Christian Bertrand /