10 Cheapest Countries to Live and Study

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Would you like to know the cheapest countries to live and study?A lot of students are dreaming to study and live eventually abroad independently. But they need to consider some factors before jumping into a new world. The costs of tuition fees, transportation, rents and food are some important aspects to think about and plan. Issues about foreign language, new procedures at school, unfamiliar faces can be a culture shock to some. But with a little encouragement and support from parents, these issues won’t be a hindrance to achieving a better educational experience, as well as personal goals and development.

Frustration and loneliness sometimes are some expected problems that needs to pay attention to by parents from some young individuals who want to live and study abroad. A considerate and thoughtful parents and friends are what they need to cope with these issues. Parents should offer their full support, emotionally, mentally and financially to their child before they leave their home to another country.

Parents who have a child who wants to study abroad needs to prepare their bank accounts and deal with their own emotional challenges.  Maturity and self-reliance are what parents expected to their child before they send their son or daughter to college especially if the child will study and live without the supervision and the management of their parents abroad.

When you are looking for that ideal place to live and study in a foreign country, check also and gather data if that country is the best destination and excellent place to expand your knowledge that offers quality education without breaking yours or your parents pockets.

Compared to the places we mentioned in the article about the 10 cheapest countries to live in the world, wherein people staying in these countries live out their retirement and entire savings to enjoy their life abundantly because it is more affordable, in this article we are going to give you advanced information on what countries are the cheapest to further their studies in fields like medicine, arts, sciences, and technology. We will provide you with the list of countries that have colleges and universities that offers advanced skill and knowledge that is a value for your money.

Check out the top cheapest country to live and study not only in Europe and Asia but also in the whole world; countries that offer study-now-pay-later plan, scholarship grants, and universities that offer high-class education and without putting a stop to the students’ social life.

So, let’s take a closer look:

10. Ukraine

The cost of living is low; fortunately, the standard of living is in favor of other European countries.  Top universities in Ukraine like the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Kharkiv National Medical University, and Odessa State Medical University offers one of the cheapest Medical educations in Europe. Job opportunities are also available to deserving students during holidays or summertime.


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