The 11 Most Stressful Jobs in America

We have a stress-filled list for you today with the 11 Most Stressful Jobs in America. Arguably the main reason for stress for most Americans today is because of work. With this in mind a number of factors in work may influence the levels of stress of an individual as well as an individual’s outlook. That is to say that some people believe that stress is a necessary evil in our day to day in order to get to the career path they want or the paycheck they need.

Considering all things we picked out the most current of stressful jobs and ranked them based on stress factor. In other words – based on how many and how much stress an individual experiences doing these lines of work. If you find yourself among the careers in this list, then you may be thinking two things, one is that the stress might be too much, or that you may feel that you aren’t stressed at all. To each person, his own beliefs and outlooks vary so not everyone may agree with this list.



One thing to notice is that a lot of the jobs listed here have a public eye on them; most jobs require facing the public or a large amount of people, other jobs mainly due to the responsibility and the number of variables they absorb day to day. For some, public service may not be that easy as we think out to be.

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Let’s start the stress awareness with the first stressful job in our list:

11. Public Relations Executive

Being the face of a company or organisation is not easy, you have to speak on their behalf, regardless of your personal values or beliefs. You also have to take the bulk of negativity and criticisms from the media and from people in general. You’re also the first line of defence, and the first to go to the battle if any situation goes awry. With that you have to consider everything you do or say, so that it does not reflect badly on what you represent.



10. Newspaper Reporter

What could be more stressful than deadlines? You have to come up with a story that is satisfying to your boss and at the same time does not destroy your personal beliefs as a journalist and individual. Any small mistake on what you write can backfire on you resulting in a loss of your entire career’s work just based on one story. Sometimes you even have to put yourself in harm’s way because of the report.