10 Countries Where Twitter (TWTR) is Growing Faster than Facebook (FB)

10. Saint Martin

Difference: 14.52%

Facebook YOY: -14.51%

Twitter YOY: 0.01%

The Caribbean island has some 75,000 residents living in what could only be described as a geographic paradise. Since there are so many beautiful things to see, the Internet reach isn’t great, as there are only about 1,100 Internet users in Saint Martin, indicating a very low penetration rate. Out of these people, over 77% use Facebook, but the number has slipped in the past year, by over 14.5%. On the other hand, while the number of Twitter users is quite low, with under 3% of Internet users frequenting that particular network, the number has grown a bit year-over-year.

10 Countries where Twitter is Growing Faster than Facebook

Gil C / Shutterstock.com