10 Most Successful Investors in the World

These 10 most successful investors in the world don’t have much in common aside from their obscene net worths. They come from different backgrounds, went to different schools, and use different strategies in their approach to beating the market. Most of them have used hedge funds as their path to financial success, managing other peoples’ money successfully, which lead to giant paydays for themselves. Others have also invested their own money via various holding companies.

What these hedge fund billionaires do have in common is that they have made fortunes for themselves and their clients who trusted them with their money. Their returns are the envy of Wall Street. Their followers (yes, they have followers, just like rock stars) cling to their every word, trying to discern the pearls of wisdom that pass these financial moguls’ lips. Some of them have even come up with names for themselves, like bogleheads, who live and die by the rules of investment set by John Bogle during his tenure as the CEO of the Vanguard Fund. For the most part, they have risen to the top of the modern-day financial pyramid through hard work and ingenuity, as the majority of them had very humble beginnings.

10 Most Successful Investors in the World

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There are plenty of successful investors out there, such as can be seen our list of The 40 Biggest Hedge Fund Billionaires, but we decided to create the ultimate one. When all is said and done, there’s really only one parameter investors’ success can be judged by, and that is their own personal wealth. So, as our ultimate metric, we used their net worth, according to Forbes’ List of The World’s Billionaires. Most of them own enough money to buy some smaller countries and employ thousands of workers, either directly or through their subsidiaries. Combined with the funds at their disposal, each of them holds enough power to exert considerable force over the market, which is why it’s important to know who they are and what stocks they like or don’t like.

In this list of most successful investors in the world, we’ll take a look at the greatest investors in the world today and examine the top holdings of their firms, so you know where the richest people in the world are putting their money.