5 Easiest Celebrities to Impersonate

Wondering about easiest celebrities to impersonate? Good, then we have a treat for you. Keep on reading!

It is rarely acknowledged that impersonating is not quite the same as dressing up; not only does it take creativity, but also practice: it’s dressing up with attitude. The first thing you need to understand about this endeavor is that pictures are not enough to go on; if you wish to properly portray another person you’ll need to see them in action. If you’re going as an actor, you need to watch some films, if it’s a musician, then stream of their live videos, and if it’s a politician then take a glance at some speeches and subsequently learn to lie your keister off. In any of the cases, you should watch some interviews as well, as they are the best for detail. An excellent practice method is to film yourself and watch it over and over, in order to identify and correct your mistakes; many actors do this in real life when preparing for a role.

 5 Easiest Celebrities to Impersonate

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A further key point would be identifying what makes these people so unique and recognizable, a personality trademark, such as a special laughter, a catchphrase, a manner of speech, or maybe just the look on their face. Context and history are also important, the people they hang with and the places they visit are also relevant to the attitude you’ll take. This is the most important part of an impersonation, remember: it’s not just about the costume, however, if you want some ideas you can check our 10 easiest celebrities to dress up as.

Following, it is crucial that you learn about their style and clothing, hair, makeup, everything. There’re all kinds of stars, but not all the “beautiful people” have the same regard for their aesthetics. Some look like royalty, some look like bums, some enjoy crossdressing, some are known for their nudity, but they all have an iconic look.

Last but not least, if for some reason you’re just not getting it right, props always help: guitars, small dogs, gigantic blunts, hats, wigs, motorbikes, sex dolls, your grandma, what have you. It all helps as long as you use it right.

What makes the celebrities on our list easiest to impersonate are their specific personality trademarks, which are easy to do, such as nasal speaking, or repeating a certain phrase. Curious to find out who are they, and what are their easy-to-imitate trademarks? OK, let’s start with the number 5 in our list of easiest celebrities to impersonate!