10 Indoor Team Building Games for Employees

You don’t even have to worry about the weather with these 10 indoor team building games for employees. Team building activities have become a common practice for any group that’s working together. Whether it’s for work, school, seminars, workshops, etc. You’ll find that there are numerous activities that can help build teamwork and help people socialize.

There are a lot of team building activities available on the internet, but a good deal of them are done outdoors. Indoors group activities are also great, especially if you don’t have enough finances to support an outdoor activity or if the weather isn’t comfortable. As long as you have enough space to support your group, then it’s likely you can do these team building activities. If you’re looking for something specific for small groups, then check out the 11 quick and easy team building activities for small groups.

10 Indoor Team Building Games for Employees


We have searched numerous websites that detail indoor team building activities and one thing that we noticed is just the sheer amount of activities available for one to do. Choosing activities to include in this list mainly leaned on preference though the games we listed here are some of the most popularly mentioned online.

Do take into account that you have to think about other factors such as space and group size to ensure that the activity is optimal. Also, you don’t have to follow these games as they are and you can alter various aspects of each game. Let’s learn more about the 10 indoor team building games for employees.