10 Countries Where Twitter (TWTR) is Growing Faster than Facebook (FB)

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The world is growing more and more connected thanks to expansive Internet access, but not all places react the same to what’s popular and what’s not in other countries. That’s proven by this list of the 10 countries where Twitter is growing faster than Facebook, as Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has seen stagnant growth in many markets, while Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) appears unstoppable.

With Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) being the poster child for social networks and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) being the site that has more downs than ups, and that’s been having some tough times and grappling with an identity crisis of late, it’s a bit weird to think that Zuckerberg’s network may not be outpacing Twitter in some countries.

10 Countries where Twitter is Growing Faster than Facebook

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It’s the truth, however. Out of the 3.4 billion Internet users in the world, close to 1.8 billion are on Facebook, with 1.18 billion logging in every day, as Facebook’s third-quarter data shows. This is extraordinary, and no other social network comes even close to those numbers and probably won’t for a very long time. There was 16% growth year-over-year in the number of Facebook monthly active users (MAUs), and while its MAUs will likely continue to rise, the speed with which it grows will inevitably slow down in time.

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In fact, in some areas, visits to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) are slipping a bit, while visits to other sites are growing, including to Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). For our list today, we checked out data from October 2015 and October 2016 on StatCounter Global Stats, which analyzes page views referred by a social media site. We compared the data for both Facebook and Twitter from these months in all countries around the globe, calculated the differences in the numbers between the two chosen months, and then went and compared Facebook and Twitter, to find those countries where Twitter grew more than Facebook did. Incidentally, it happens that all countries on our list are growth areas for Twitter while Facebook is facing declines there.

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Without further ado, here are the 10 countries where Twitter is growing faster than Facebook.

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