10 Countries Where Twitter (TWTR) is Growing Faster than Facebook (FB)

9. Czech Republic

Difference: 14.68%

Facebook YOY: -9.07%

Twitter YOY: 5.61%

The Czech Republic ranks 9th in our list of countries where Twitter is growing faster than Facebook. It is home to over 10.5 million people, out of which over 75% have Internet access. Out of all the Internet users in the European country, over 65% frequently log into Facebook, while only 10.4% do the same at Twitter’s domain.

When it comes to trends, however, things are looking better for Twitter, since it posted year-over-year growth of 5.61%. In the same period of time, Facebook’s usage dropped by over 9%, indicating that people might be a little bit bored with what the social network has to offer.

10 Countries where Twitter is Growing Faster than Facebook

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