11 Best Jobs if You Suffer from Depression

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Living with clinical depression isn’t easy, but life can be even more difficult if you have to go to work in an environment that isn’t helping you cope with your disorder, so we decided to check out the 11 best jobs if you suffer from depression.

Being depressed doesn’t just mean you have a sad day or a bad week. It means that you have an actual disorder, one that’s unfortunately quite common and whose symptoms are affecting the way you think, act, go about your daily life, sleep, eat, work; everything. It’s a difficult thing to suffer from and it’s only made worse by those around you not understanding that you can’t just “toughen up” or “shake it off”. In fact, on quite a few occasions, help doesn’t come until you find a good doctor that can prescribe the right meds.

So what kind of job would fit a person suffering from depression? Well, on the one hand, it has to be something they like, something they enjoy doing. Then, it really wouldn’t hurt if the stress levels were low, the people were friendly and you could get a quick sense of accomplishment while doing it. For some people, working outside of large groups also does the trick. It’s difficult to tell, of course, what would suit every individual, since we’re all so different.

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For today’s list, we scoured the Internet for types of jobs that would best suit those suffering from depression, checked out what jobs had the lowest stress levels and looked into which jobs simply had the happiest employees on sites such as City & Guilds, The Guardian, Career Bliss and Career Cast. We put them all together and figured out which turned up the most across the lists we checked and then ranked them by the average yearly salary for said jobs.

Without further ado, here are the 11 best jobs if you suffer from depression.

11. Writer

Mentions – 2

Median pay in 2015 – $60,250

Being a writer is the dream job for so many people. Getting to sit at home or in a chic coffee shop, hogging your laptop with earphones playing your favorite music while you lose yourself in whatever story you need to put on paper. On top of being able to put your stories on paper and to (maybe) become a well-known author, you can also try your hand at writing blog posts, news articles and more, making good money in the process. You’d still have plenty of freedom to do whatever makes you feel better, or free time to deal with those days that are almost unbearable. Not to mention that this is the type of jobs that gives you as much social interaction as you can handle, allowing you to decide what’s too much.

11 Best Jobs if You Suffer from Depression



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